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Drakes British Motors


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58 Austin Healy Sprite

1958 Austin Healey BugeyeSprite

This car would be a good start to building a vintage racer, or could be restored if you had the drive to make it happen. The car has no paperwork, but the original vin tag is there so it may be possible to get paperwork with some homework. The body on this car will need attention. The rear floor sections and spring hanger areas seem good but the front floor sections and the common exterior rust areas have some rust. The car has been inside stored for many years however, so the rust is not terminal. The engine is a newer 1098 cc and came out of a car that was supposedly a good runner, but we have no firsthand experience with it so can neither confirm or deny how well it runs. The main components of the car are all there, but notable missing items are the seats, the windshield side posts, the front bumper as well as several small bits. The car isn't a nice pristine California project car, but at only $1,800 hopefully someone can do something with it.. (stock #58AH)


1960 Austin Healy BT7

We have had this Oregon Healey for a several years and are just nearing the completion of its restoration. The car is a 4 seater sidecurtain version of the 3000 Healey finished in black with a Colorado red cove. The interior is red leather with white piping. This is a comprehensive restoration including a complete powertrain rebuild, new interior, chrome, wiring harness, suspension, brakes, etc, etc. The car has minilight wheels which suit the car very well, but wire wheels can be added if the customer wishes. We anticipate completion in summer of 2017. (stock #141 )


1960 Austin Healey BN7

This is a very desirable and very rare 2 seater BN7 Austin Healey 3000. The car was the subject of a multi-year, bare bones, rotisserie style restoration with no expense spared. The car was never intended to be sold until medical issues came up preventing the previous owner from driving the car. It has completed 2300 miles since the complete and total restoration. The body is dead straight and finished in Healey silver blue that was applied to perfection. The interior is the correct blue leather with white piping, and the top is a blue stayfast canvas. Every mechanical piece on the car was replaced with new or rebuilt. All bright-work was replated. The car rolls on painted 72 spoke Dayton wheels. There is a complete restoration photo album that comes with the car, as well as a 3" high stack of receipts. The car has the carb setup from a BJ8 Healey fitted, as well as a nice alloy valve cover, but the original carb setup and valve cover are included as well. This is a drop dead gorgeous Healey that is a pleasure to drive and is sure to go up in value. If you are looking for a really nice high end rare Healey, be sure to see the pics of this one - it may be your car. $67,200
 (stock #710 )


1963 Austin Healey BJ7

This is a very nice Healey that we know the history on.  We bought this car in Oregon 15 or so years ago and did a cosmetic restoration.   We subsequently sold it to a older fellow who put a little over 3000 miles on the car and just sold it back to us after his 82nd birthday.   The body on this car is great with no signs of rust or accidents.  The paint is old English white and while not dead perfect it is very nice.   We put a complete Moss Motors redleather interior in the car when we did it, and it still looks great.  The bumpers and much of the other chrome was replaced when we redid it as well as adding new Dayton chrome wire wheels and new tires.   The car runs and drives well, and has that great Healey sound emitting from a Falcon stainless steel exhaust system.    A very nice Healey without a rust history.  $52,700 (stock #724)

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If you would like more pics or info on a car, please contact:
Len or Scott Drake via Email or Telephone (250) 763-0883

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