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1957 MGA

This is a very nice MGA that has just come out of our shop after a redo. The previous owner had lots of work done and we finished the car off. The car drives great with both the engine and gearbox having been rebuilt in the last 5000 miles. Also done at the same time were new springs, splined wheel hubs, new chrome wire wheels, new tires, a disk brake conversion kit as well as some other minor mechanical refreshing. We have also just installed a new polished stainless steel exhaust, and the car sounds as good as it drives. We disassembled the car and sent it out for a high quality base-clear paintjob. After paint we added new chrome bumpers and trim, body seals, fender beading, Lucas 576 driving lamp lamps and all the other little odds and ends that go along with a proper refresh of a car. The interior received a new seat kit, new panel kit, a reproduction Moto-Lita steering wheel and a new convertible top. This is a fabulous looking MGA that drives as nice as it looks. Priced at $26,700  (stock #739)



1960 MGA

We brought this MGA back from the U.S. many years ago and have had it stored inside our warehouse for too long. We have too many cars ahead of us and I don't see us getting to the restoration of this car anytime soon, so it is time for someone else to restore it. The car will need a full complete restoration, but it will be a very straightforward restoration as the body is in excellent shape. Being a US car that has been off the road for many years has saved the body from any significant rust issues. The body is very clean and straight. The engine is a correct 1600 MGA engine that we removed from a customers MGA years ago to do a 1800 MGB engine conversion. The engine ran well when removed and is now installed in this car, but at this point things like fuel lines, wiring and what not are not connected. The car appears to be basically complete with the exception of the convertible top frame. Make no mistake this car will need a comprehensive full restoration, but it will be a relatively straightforward one. Priced at $6,400  (stock #315)



1961 MGA

We brought this car back from Oregon where it had been in storage for many years. The car looks worse than it is - the body is actually quite straight and free from major corrosion. I would guess that the left front fender was a replacement at sometime as it has a fair bit of rust at the bottom and will need a repair section whereas the rest of the car does not show the same degree of rust. The car came off the road after having a carburetor fire years ago, but the 1800 engine still turns over and is suspected to be good. This car will need a full restoration, but it will be a fairly straightforward one and a 1600 MGA roadster with wire wheels is a valuable car when completed. $4,800  (stock #736)


1967 MGB

This is probably the best early steel dash MGB to do a restoration on that can be found. We brought this car back from California and it has a beautiful straight body, with no rust that I can find. I think the only real body work to be done will be with the original aluminum hood. The interior is old and worn, so don't count on using too much of the original interior. The car does currently run and drive, and the engine sounds good with good oil pressure and no funny noises or smoke. Early steel dash MGB's are getting to be hard to find and quite valuable when restored. The expensive part of an MGB restoration is always the rust repair which this car doesn't need. This will be a very straightforward, reasonably inexpensive restoration to do on a valuable car. $6,600 (stock #746



1968 MGB

Early steel dash MGB's are getting increasingly hard to find. This is a Late production 1967 MGB that is registered as a 1968. The engine runs strong with good oil pressure and no smoke or funny noises, The head has been rebuilt with all new valves and guides, it has had the carbs rebuilt and a electronic ignition fitted. The transmission is in great shape with no grinding in second gear that is common in the early MGB's. Brakes and suspension are also in great shape and it has an aftermarket sway bar fitted. The car also has nearly new 15" Dayton chrome wire wheels fitted with nearly new tires. The cars drives great. The interior has new carpets, a period woodrim steering wheel, a rebuilt speedometer, and a new oil pressure/temp gauge. The convertible top is a few years old and still shows as new and the car also comes with a color matched factory hardtop. The body is in good shape as well with the outer sills being replaced in the past as well as the rear fenders, the floors and castle rails are still original and in nice shape showing no damage or soft spots or repairs. The paint is older and is still presentable, but has several flaws and should be redone at some point. This is a nice driving, good looking early B for a reasonable price $9,400. (stock #755



1970 MGB GT

We brought this car back from California where it had resided with its original owner’s family since new, and it still wears the old style blue California license plates. Take note that this is a 1970 model which is kind of unique as it is the only year with the split two-piece rear bumper. Being a California car, its body is in very nice shape, and is straight with good panel fit with the only signs of rust being some very small bubbles in bottom of the right front fender. The white paint is not perfect having a few little chips here and there, but is what I would call a nice driver quality. All the chrome and trim are in nice shape, and the side chrome moldings were just replaced. Visually this is a sharp looking GT. The engine is in great shape with good oil pressure and compression, and we have just done a tune up including a minor rebuild of the carbs. The gearbox and the rest of the drive-train is also in good shape. We also replaced the exhaust, brake rotors, pads, front suspension bushings, as well as fitting new tires to make this a nice driving MG. The interior of the car shows very well, as the previous owner had recently fitted new door panels and a windshield, and we installed new heat insulation, a new carpet kit, door seals and a few other smaller odds and ends. For years, the MGB GT's were passed over in favor of the roadsters, and thus GTs are now near impossible to come across a good one. This car isn't perfect, but it is a car that is ready for the road that you can be proud to use and enjoy for a reasonable price. Price $ 8,700 (stock #767



1973 MGB

We bought this car in California and is proof that even California cars can get rust. The body of the car is pretty good, but there is rust in the sills and floorboards that will need attention. The engine is strong with good compression and oil pressure, and the car has the optional overdrive transmission which is functional. The interior is pretty rough although the top still has a bit of life left in it. The car has been off the road for many years so it should be considered a project car, although we did put on new brake hoses and wheel cylinders so it would be drivable on to a trailer. The tires are old and would need to be replaced. $3,200 (stock #618


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