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1958 MGA

This is about as nice a MGA as you can find. We did a full, complete and comprehensive restoration on this car a few years ago and just bought the car back after less than 500 miles were put on the car. We originally brought the car back from California and the body was exceptional with no rust damage or panel replacement. The car is painted the factory color of Glacier blue which is a very pretty turquoise color. The interior is done in grey leather, with a grey top. All mechanicals were rebuilt or replaced during the restoration and the car runs and drives great. The car is fitted with chrome Dayton wire wheels, as well as wide white wall tires that were sometime supplied on the cars when new. If you think this car may be for you, please ask to see the pictures. No expense was spared during the restoration and the car is, quite simply, stunning in my humble opinion. Priced at $31,600.  (stock #788)



1962 MGA

This 1962 MK2 is one of the most desirable MGA’s made, and this car is a great driver. We recently brought this car back from Oregon and have just finished running it through our shop so it will be ready for the next owner to enjoy. The car had a partial restoration 10 years ago, and not many miles have been put on since. The correct 1622cc engine was fully rebuilt with a mild performance cam and slightly raised compression, and runs great with good compression and oil pressure. Rebuilt carbs were done at the same time as were new stainless braided oil lines for the factory oil cooler. The gearbox was also rebuilt and has no issues or weak synchros as are typical on most MGA’s. All electrics work as they should and a new battery and generator have just been fitted. The brakes were also fully rebuilt, and stainless braided hoses were added at the same time. New minilight wheels were added as were new performance Michelin tires. This is a very nice running and driving car with good power that is fun to drive. A Moto-lita steering wheel was fitted and new seats and panels were also installed at the same time which still show well. The convertible top was also replaced at the time of the restoration and it is still in fair shape, the side curtains are present and in original unrestored but usable condition. Also, purchased at the time of restoration was a brand-new Parish brand hardtop which is in nice shape. The paint was done at the same time as the rest of the restoration work, but the car was stored outside under a tarp for a couple years which took its toll on the paint. The paint is still presentable, but has many flaws. All in all this is a rare MGA that is fairly priced at $20,600  (stock #772)



1965 MGB

We brought this car back from California a few years ago and intended on restoring it, but haven't gotten to it yet, so it is for sale. This is one of the more sought after years of MGB's having the early steel dashboard and the pull handle doors, but also having the GB series engine which is the first of the 5 main engines. The body is straight and I don't see any signs of accidents, but it does have some rust in the typical MG areas. There is rust in the dogleg area ahead of the rear wheels, the bottom of the front fenders, and a small patchable area in the drivers side floorpan. The interior will need a complete replacement due to time and the California sun taking its toll. The engine turns over, but will likely need a rebuild. The transmission has been updated with a newer all synchro MGB gearbox. Make no mistake this MG will need a full restoration, but the car appears to pretty much be all there and replacement parts for MGB's are easily obtained and quite reasonable priced. When completed it will be a valuable car. Priced at $2,900  (stock #637)



1970 MGB

1970 is one of my favorite years for the MGB. 1970 was the only year with a two piece rear bumper and the license plate moved down between the bumpers. We brought this car back from Southern Oregon where it had been off the road since 1987. An elderly fellow had been working on getting it back on the road but didn't suceed and we purchased it from the estate. Being off the road for so many years likely saved the body of the car as there are no signs of accident damage and the body is extremely clean. The car left the factory as a primrose yellow car, and the elderly fellow painted it red. Unfortunately he wasn't a great painter as there are several areas that didn't get sanded properly and various paint defects and touchups, the paint doesn't look bad from 10 feet but you would want to paint the car at some point. Cosmetically, about all we did to the car was add a new front bumper. We did some mechanical work like a tune up, new master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, front suspension bushings, brake pads and shoes, new tires and a bunch of little things. The car runs and drives well. The interior is in fair condition, not perfect, but original with some flaws. The top is older and keeps the water out but does have some cloudiness in the windows. All in all this is a solid MGB that can be used as is and upgraded as time and finances allow. $7,600 (stock #773



1972 MGB

 If you are looking for a great MGB this is your car. We brought this car back from Arizona as a abandoned restoration project a couple of years ago and have just finished up the restoration. Being an Arizona car, the body was in great shape and did not have any signs of accident damage. We sent the body out for a new signal red paint job in a basecoat/clearcoat system. New chrome bumpers, side chrome and smaller chrome trim bits were added, as well as all new rubbers, seals and badges throughout. A new windshield and a new Robbins top tops off the body. The interior has new seats, carpets, retractor style seatbelts, interior panel kit, with correct reproduction parts from Moss Motors. All electrics work as they should on the car with most of the switches on the car being new as well as a new correct wiring harness being installed. The previous owner told us that he had the engine rebuilt less than 5000 miles ago, so we removed the oil pan and valve cover to confirm that all looked good, and it appears to have been correctly rebuilt with a reground crankshaft, oversize pistons as well as all the other parts you would expect on a rebuilt engine. The engine runs great with excellent oil pressure, compression and no funny noises or smoke, and new oil cooler hoses, mounts, coolant hoses, and water pump were added before installing the engine. We also rebuilt the carbs, and installed a new Falcon brand stainless steel exhaust system. The gearbox is an overdrive transmission that we installed. New seals and a new clutch before installing – it works as it should with no deficiencies. All hydraulics are new on the car including the brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, rotors, and new pads and brake shoes. The previous owner had replaced the springs and bushings after disassembling the car, as well as installing two new lever arm shocks. We also replaced all 4 wire wheel splined hubs on the car as well as new chrome wire wheels, new chrome wheel knockoffs, and new tires. There are many more parts and refurbished items that went in to the car – it was a comprehensive restoration. This car is a great looking vehicle that drives as nice as it looks, and vehicles this nice seldom come up for sale. If you are looking for a very nice MGB, this is it. Priced at $20,800  (stock #729



1973 MGB

We bought this car in California and is proof that even California cars can get rust. The body of the car is pretty good, but there is rust in the sills and floorboards that will need attention. The engine is strong with good compression and oil pressure, and the car has the optional overdrive transmission which is functional. The interior is pretty rough although the top still has a bit of life left in it. The car has been off the road for many years so it should be considered a project car, although we did put on new brake hoses and wheel cylinders so it would be drivable on to a trailer. The tires are old and would need to be replaced. $3,200 (stock #618


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If you would like more pics or info on a car, please contact:
Len or Scott Drake via Email or Telephone (250) 763-0883

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