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Drake's British Motors

All prices in Canadian dollars.

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1959 Triumph TR3

Here is a TR3 that needs a restoration and is reasonably priced. We have the heritage certificate for the car showing the production details, and that it was originally a Canadian delivered car. The car will need some rust repair work, but it isn't too bad for a Canadian car. The previous owner had started to do some restoration work on the body in preparation for paint, but some of the work done is not up to par and should be redone. We have had the car running and it runs well. The car appears to be basically complete and ready to start restoration. Tr3's are getting to be quite an expensive car when restored, and this is your chance to buy a TR3 restoration project relatively inexpensively. Priced at $4,900     (stock #700)


1959 Triumph TR3

This TR3 is has a California and Oregon history and is  very unique among those that know TR3ís.  The vin number is TS59644L, but the car has the later TR3 body which supposedly didnít start until TS60000.   The body is quite clean for a TR3, but will still need some small rust repairs.   The engine seems to run fairly well, but the car has been off the road for many years, so all other mechanical systems should probably be looked at during the restoration.  The car will require a full restoration, but is basically complete and with TR3 prices steadily on the rise this car offers an excellent starting point at only $6,500.    (stock #669)


1960 Triumph TR3

We brought this TR3 back from Southern California and it is a great car to restore. The car has always been a southern California car. It came off the road in 1971 for a redo and never got back on the road. The body is in exceptional shape for a car of its age, there is some rust to be repaired in the trunk floor, but that appears to be it. The driver compartment floors still have some of their factory applied paint. The body does have little bumps and bruises, but shouldn't be a big deal to fix when it gets restored. After lubricating everything we started the car up for the first time in 45 years, and it runs great. We ran the car out of the float bowls and there is no smoke along with great oil pressure and compression. What is there of the interior is rough and
or missing, and the seats are in pretty rough shape but they are there. Unrestored California TR3s are nearly impossible to find now, this car is complete apart from a couple little items and is a great base to build a restored TR3 from. $8,900
(stock #708)


1961 Triumph TR3

This is an American TR3A that is nearing completion of a completerestoration. It is finished in signal red with a black interior with white piping. The car is beautifully optioned including leather interior, chrome wire wheels, overdrive, Lucas P700 headlamps and Lucas 576 driving lamps. An extremely nice car that is nearing completion. We anticipate completion in early spring 2015. (stock #600)


1964 Triumph TR4

We brought this TR4 back from Idaho, and it has a very clean body. The body is almost free of rust apart from a small spot in each rocker panel, and is basically a very straight car. We have had the engine running out of the float bowls, and it runs well with a bit of smoke which may disappear once some miles are put on it. The wheels are nice sixty spokes that we took off a Healey that was converted to chrome wire wheels. All the main components are there, and although it will need a complete restoration, it is a very worthwhile candidate. $4,700.. (stock #701)

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If you would like more pics or info on a car, please contact:
Len or Scott Drake via Email or Telephone (250) 763-0883

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