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Drake's British Motors

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1958 TR3A

We bought this California car from the 2nd owner who had the car more than 30 years.   The car will need a full restoration, but it will be a fairly straightforward one and the car has the right options.   Being a California car the body is in fairly good shape and show no signs of accidents, but will still need some rust repairs in the common areas.   The engine does turn over but doesn’t run and will need a rebuild.   The car appears basically complete, and is factory equipped with overdrive and wire wheels which significantly affect the price of a restored TR3.   Decent TR3 restoration candidates are getting extremely hard to find.  This one is for sale at $6,900  $5,800 as is before we start the restoration (gotta love the mirrors).   (stock #651)


1959 Triumph TR3

This TR3 is has a California and Oregon history and is  very unique among those that know TR3’s.  The vin number is TS59644L, but the car has the later TR3 body which supposedly didn’t start until TS60000.   The body is quite clean for a TR3, but will still need some small rust repairs.   The engine seems to run fairly well, but the car has been off the road for many years, so all other mechanical systems should probably be looked at during the restoration.  The car will require a full restoration, but is basically complete and with TR3 prices steadily on the rise this car offers an excellent starting point at only $6,500.    (stock #669)


1960 TR3

We brought this car back from San Diego California where it had come off the road years ago for a redo. The engine was fully rebuilt many years ago and never installed or fired up. We prepped the engine to be fired up for the first time, and started it up. It runs perfect as you would expect, but after being stored for so many years we wanted to confirm it was still good. Being a California car the body is quite rust free, but will need a patch or replacement of the trunk floor, and a couple other minor rust repairs. There is no evidence of any collision damage, but there are several dings to attend to. The car is basically complete and does come with a few new bits including a new wiring harness. This car is a really good one to do a restoration on, and will be a relatively straightforward restoration. $7,600   (stock #664)


1966 TR4A

This California independent rear suspension TR4A needs a full restoration, but is budget priced.   The car has been off the road for many years so all the mechanical components are of unknown condition, and the engine will need a rebuild for sure.   Despite being a California car, the body does have some rust in the rocker panels, and the rear deck area, the frame doesn't show any rust apart from surface rust.  The fenders and doors are in pretty good shape, but had all been stripped to bare metal so we put a quick coat of paint on the panels to protect them from surface rust.  The car seems to be complete and doesn't have severe rust like most Canadian cars.  This makes it an ideal restoration project for someone who doesn't mind putting in sweat equity to end up with a nice relatively high dollar Triumph when completed.  $ 2,900. $2,300  (stock #598)


1967  TriumphTR4A

 This is an inexpensive IRS project car that we brought back from Washington state. The car will need a full restoration, but is a
valuable car when completed. There is some rust in the rear fenders as well as some in the rocker panels, but the chassis is in nice shape and the car does not show any evidence of any accidents. We have run the engine from the float bowls and it runs great with good compression, good oil pressure, and no funny noises or smoke. The car is all complete and offers good value for someone willing to put in some sweat equity. $3,200 $2,500
  (stock #429)


1969 Triumph TR6

 This is the 347th TR6 ever built that we brought back from California. The early 1969 TR6's offer some unique features that set them apart from other TR6's. We got the car from a fellow who intended to restore the car and got as far as disassembling it all and painting the body (a few small flaws). including the complete underhood detail. Being a California car for all its life (see the original license plate) has helped the car in that it has never had any rust. We did a full rebuild on the engine with all the parts you would normally replace as well as oversize pistons, and the head rebuilt with stellite valves and hardened valve seats for unleaded fuel. The gearbox and differential were also rebuilt, and a stainless steel exhaust system was fitted. The complete brake system and suspension from front to back were all rebuilt and new tires fitted. It runs and drives great! The complete
interior including seats, carpets, top, panel kit, dashboard and dash pads were all replaced with new correct parts. A new wiring harness was also installed. A nice wood rim Motolita copy steering wheel was fitted, and the original unique 1969 steering wheel is also included. During the restoration we also replaced most of the chrome and trim as well as all the other small bits and body rubbers that you would expect to replace in a restoration. Very fairly priced at $19,400 $17,900 
(stock #572)


1970 Triumph TR6

Here is a Southern California TR6 that has been garaged for almost 20 years.  We got it up and running again, and it could be used as is with a bit of work, or as a basis for a restoration.   The drivetrain seems really strong, but the brakes are soft and will need attention.   The body is very decent with only a little bit of rust in the bottoms of the front fenders where the cowl vents drain.  There is evidence of previous body damage in the right rear fender area.  The paint is old and needs to be redone, although it is still  presentable.  The interior is old and original, and the windows in the top have yellowed.  The car is fitted with the rare optional wire wheels, and still have Michelin redline tires fitted.  This one is a winner, and look at the price $4,900 $6,000     (stock #574)

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If you would like more pics or info on a car, please contact:
Len or Scott Drake via Email or Telephone (250) 763-0883

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