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Drake's British Motors

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1959 Triumph TR3

We bought this car from a fellow who had the car stored away in his garage for the last 32 years! The car is a restoration project, but being tucked away from the elements for so long means that the body is remarkably rust free. There is no rust that I can see, apart from a couple small patches that were put on the floors. We prepped the engine for starting, and have run it out of the float bowls. The engine runs great with good oil pressure, and good compression. The car is also fitted with an overdrive transmission. I am guessing that the car may have had some race history in its past life as there are a few interesting modifications. There is a panhard bar fitted to the rear axle, the front inner fenders are alloy, an oversized fuel tank has been fitted, a rack and pinion steering conversion has been fitted, and an oversize radiator is also present. TR3 projects are getting really hard to find, this one has a really good body and overdrive and is reasonably priced at $9,600  (stock #765)


1961 Triumph TR3

There isnít a whole lot to say about this car - if you are looking for a superb TR3A this is about as nice as you will find. The car is an American car that we completed a full restoration on. The body was in great shape with only some very minor rust repair needed, and no body damage apart from some small little dings. The paint was redone in a high end base/clear, and the color is Triumph signal red. Every piece of trim on the car apart from the windshield frame (which is very nice) is new, as are all the badges seals and any other items attached to the car. The car is equipped with a badge bar which has a pair of chrome Lucas 576 driving lamps mounted, the headlamps on the car are a pair of Lucas tri-bar PL headlamps. The engine is rebuilt, and the gearbox has been upgraded with a full synchro overdrive gearbox that is fitted with the correct TR3 shifter so everything looks correct. Of course new generator, regulator, water pump, radiator, clutch, hoses etc, etc. were also fitted to the powertrain. Brakes and suspension are all fully rebuilt or new as well. New wire wheel hubs were fitted on all four corners, as were the new sixty spoke chrome wire wheels, chrome knockoffs, and new tires. A new wiring harness was fitted, the speedo, tachometer, and fuel gauge were rebuilt, and most of the lamp assemblies and switches/controls on the car were replaced with new items. The interior is all new and correct with items supplied by Moss Motors, including the leather seats, carpeting, panel kit, top, windshield and new side curtains. This is a beautiful car that would be hard to duplicate for the price. $35,200 Cdn. (stock #600)


1962 TR3A

This is a good driving TR3 with a solid body. We had the car in the shop and did some little things like new brake hoses, wheel cylinders, idler arm and a few other little odds and ends. The engine has been rebuilt in the past, but was painted orange rather than black - it runs great with good oil pressure and compression and no smoke or noises. The tires are nearly new and the cars runs and drives very well, and everything works as it should. The body is unrestored , but in good condition with only a few minor bubbles at the bottom of the front fenders. The paint is older and while presentable from a distance it has several small dings as well as many paint chips that have been touched up. The interior is mostly original and in pretty decent shape. The windshield is new, and the convertible top is in fair shape, but the side curtains will need recovering. This is a very nice driving TR3 at a reasonable price that still looks good despite the older paint. $16,400 (stock #759)


1962 Triumph TR3

If you are looking for a TR3 this is probably the one you are looking for. We brought this car back from Oregon years ago and sold it to a fellow who has just sold the car back to us. We have had the car through our shop, done a few minor repairs and the car is ready for a new owner. The body on the car is in phenomenal shape for its age with only a very small spot of minor bubbling on one rocker panel, apart from that, the car has no rust and appears to have never had any rust anywhere. The paint is old, and while not perfect still looks very sharp, which is a further testament to how good the body is. The interior is all new - red carpet kit, red interior panel kit, red leather seat kit, trunk carpet kit, seat frames, top frame cover, tonneau cover, convertible top, and redone sidecurtains, and it all looks great. The car also has the white factory hardtop with it. The engine runs great with no issues and has just had the carbs rebuilt, a new alloy Triumph Tune valve cover (the original is there as well), K & N air filters, new generator, and a spin on oil filter conversion. The overdrive transmission was rebuilt a few years ago and is in great shape. The tires have few miles on them and the brakes and suspension don't need anything - it drives great. This US car is a very honest, quality car of the like that we seldom come across anymore. You will not be disappointed with this one $28,100 (stock #752)


1966 Triumph TR4

This is a dry TR4A IRS that we brought back from Idaho and did a comprehensive restoration on. We disassembled the car and sent it out to be painted as a bare shell. The exterior is finished in signal red and looks great with almost all the chrome being new as are most of the lamps, badges and other brightwork on the car. All body rubbers, seals and gaskets were also replaced when the car was re-assembled. The engine was completely rebuilt with new bearings, oil pump, 87mm piston & liner kit, cam & tappets, timing chain, valves, guides, hoses, radiator, carb rebuild, fuel pump, water pump, mounts and all the other little bits that go in to a engine rebuild. The overdrive gearbox was also rebuilt, as were the rear hub assemblies, the differential was in good shape so it only needed new seals and mounts, and 6 new Hardy Spicer U-joints were fitted when re-assembling things. The exhaust is a new Falcon brand stainless steel system and it sounds great. The suspension was also rebuilt with new bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, tube shock conversion kit, rack boots, and new rear springs. The brakes and clutch are also all fresh with new pads, shoes, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses, and hard lines. A new clutch was fitted as well as new clutch master cylinder and slave. The car runs and drives great, and everything works as it is supposed to. The car was also fitted with new sixty spoke chrome wire wheels, new splined hubs, new chrome knockoffs, and new tires. The interior is all new Moss Motors components in a honey tan color, with new leather seats, new panel kit and new carpets. The padded dash components are all new as is the dashboard, knobs, windshield, and the speedo and tach were also send out for rebuilding as part of the restoration. The wiring harness is new as are most of the electrical components and switches, and all electrical systems work as they should. The top is a new Robbins top special ordered to match the interior. There is a ton of little parts that also go in to a restoration that I have forgotten as well as some of the larger items. If you are looking for a very nice TR4A this car is spectacular and could not be duplicated or replaced for the price. $33,300. (stock #702)


1970 Triumph TR6

This is one of the good ones. This car came to us from the dry hills above Sacramento California. The body is nice with no signs of rust anywhere, but the Jasmine paint does have several touched up chips and scratches as well as some little dings here and there. The paint is presentable, but not perfect. The interior has new carpets, and we just fitted a new Robbins top, and new sun visors, the seats and the rest of the interior are in decent but not perfect condition, much like the paint - it is presentable but not perfect. The trunk has a new trunk liner panel kit, trunk seal and new carpet. The engine is strong with good oil pressure and compression, and the big plus is that it is a factory overdrive car. We did a tune up, replaced the coolant hoses, did some brake and suspension work, and the tires are nearly new. This car is ready for the road. Early rust-free overdrive TR6's are few and far between now. This is a great car for someone who can be satisfied with a good but not perfect looking TR6, or someone who wants a really good example to upgrade over time. $15,800 (stock #777)

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