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Drake's British Motors

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1973 MGB

If you are looking for a good solid chrome bumper MGB to drive that is reasonably priced this may be your car. We brought this car back from Oregon, and there are no signs of rust that I can see. The car was originally painted Damask red, and was repainted years ago an incorrect maroon. The paint has several scratches and chips, but is still presentable. The top is a couple years old and in decent shape. We installed new door panels, door seals and a new carpet kit. The seats are showing signs of wear, but have a bit of life left in them if you don't want to have them redone right away. The engine and the rest of the drive line are in good order, and we just fitted new brake hoses, rotors, pads, tie rod ends, steering rack boots, and rear brakes to make it a good driver. The car is also fitted with some vintage 15" Shelby minilight style wheels and nearly new tires. The car isn't perfect, but if you want a good driving solid chrome bumper MGB at a fair price this is it. $7,800 (stock #768



1974 MGB

This is a fabulous car to restore. This blue license plate California car has been in storage since 1987 and shows 63 thousand miles on the odometer which are believed to be original. The body is rust free, has old faded out paint, and has a few little dings here and there - pretty nice shape for a 42 year old car. The interior is old and and you can count on redoing most of it. The engine is strong and runs well, but the big plus is that the car is equipped with the factory overdrive transmission which has been tested and works as it is supposed to, without any faults. A new brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, wheel cylinders and clutch slave cylinder have been added to make the car drivable. A new fuel tank may be needed as there is some crud coming through the lines, but a new tank is quite inexpensive and we keep them in stock. This is a car worthy of doing a straightforward restoration on. $6,300    (stock #747



1975 MGB

This is an inexpensive Oregon MGB that we brought back and sold a few years ago and recently bought back. The fellow spent over $3000 (receipts included) doing brakes, a carb rebuild, and other items to pass the provincial inspection. The car runs and drives well and has the dual SU carb conversion, but consider it a driving project car. Being an Oregon car the body is pretty good in the normal MG rust areas, but there is some rust in the floors as well as the trunk floor although the sills look good. It will need paint, but I can't see any collision damage. The interior and top will need replacement. This is basically a solid MG that is a decent driver needing time and money put in to it. $2,100    (stock #740



1976 MGB

We just brought this one back from Washington state where it had been off the road for many years. The car is a restoration project, or would make an excellent donor car for someone who already has a rusty car. The body on this car is great as far as rust goes and only requires a minimum amount of body work before paint. The interior is pretty much junk, but the dash is in nice shape. The engine will need a rebuild, but the car appears to basically be complete. The car is equipped with the factory wire wheel option which is fairly rare on the newer MGB's. Whether you want to use this car as a donor body for your rusty MGB, or restore it, the car is reasonably priced at $1600.   (stock #769



1977 MGB

Here is a California MGB that is reasonably priced. The car has a body that is free from rust apart from a bit in the dogleg area on both sides, and there are numerous small dings and dents. The paint is mostly original, so you can definitely count on doing a paint job. Mechanically, the car is very good. The engine runs strong with good oil pressure and compression, a dual SU carb conversion has been done, and a Mallory dual point distributor has been added as well as an oil cooler kit. We added a rebuilt alternator, new coolant hoses, heater valve and a few other little bits to make it a reliable driver. We also added a new brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, wheel cylinders and brake shoes. The previous owner added a new steering rack, stainless steel braided brake hoses, tube shock conversion kits front and rear with adjustable Spax shocks on the front. The interior is older and presentable, but not perfect and the car will need a new top. This is a good car for someone who wants a good MGB that can have the paint done. Drive it home for $3,200.   (stock #758


Those of you that are familiar with MGB's know that the best option you can have on an MGB is an overdrive transmission. We were fortunate to come across a collector who had salvaged several of these over the years, and we are now proud to be able to offer them to our customers. We do have the correct overdrive transmission for your car in stock. The addition of an overdrive greatly improves the value of your car as well as making it possible for you to drive at highway speeds without your car revving at high rpm's. We do not know the history of these transmissions, so we are offering them in a used, unknown condition. MGB overdrive transmissions are very sturdy and long lasting units that are generally in operable condition for a long period of time. We also have some early units for the three main engines at a higher cost because of their rarity, and it is likely that they will require some work before being usable as the synchros were subject to wear and grinding gears were the result.

If you want to improve the performance and value of your car, please get in touch with us.


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If you would like more pics or info on a car, please contact:
Len or Scott Drake via Email or Telephone (250) 763-0883

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